Company History                                                                                      Never Assume Anything

We provide a written contract signed by the beekeeper, grower, and broker to ensure better pollination services. Consider the following points when signing a contract.
The amount of bee hives to be rented.
The rental fee and date payable.
Strength, how many frames of bees per box.
Inspections (who, weather, expense).
Dates to move into and out of orchard.
Sprays, grower's assurance that no pesticide will be used.
Placement of bees in the orchard.
Grower's promise to pay for extra movement of colonies into and out of the orchard or within the orchard.
Beekeeper's promise to inspect his bees before and while in the orchard to maintain them good condition for pollination.
Names, addresses, phone numbers, tax identification numbers/social security number.


Company History

Welcome to our web site and thank you for the opportunity to tell you about Pollination Contracting, Inc. We started our business in 1978 and look forward to our 33rd year in business. We were encouraged by a few beekeepers who were looking for a reliable broker to handle their contracts. With the committment of their hives, we started providing a service to beekeepers by locating suitable almond orchards for the particular needs of their bee business. By contracting with reputable beekeepers we were able to provide good, strong healthy beehives to almond growers for the pollination of their almond trees.

Our company has grown since 1978 and we now bring thousands of beehives from over 15 states into California for the almond pollination season. We have placed bees from Chico to Bakersfield, although we prefer to stay in central California. We have taken pride in our business since the beginning and have always tried to provide a dependable service for both the beekeeper and almond grower.

From the start of our business we learned the value of maintaining good communication between the beekeeper and almond grower. Good or poor communication can make the difference between success and disaster. For example, early placement to a beekeeper may be 5% bloom but early placement to the almond grower could be two weeks before bloom.
Alleviating misunderstandings before the bees are placed in the orchard (& during pollination) is a goal we strive to maintain. Our business has expanded from hand written maps to more sophisticated computer generated maps. They not only have placement of hives in the orchard but also show how to get to the orchard, with cross roads and landmarks. We offer reliable, honest service and look forward to hearing from you.

Our Tips

To help mark the bee drops in your orchard, we have found that white lunch sacks filled with sand make it very easy for the beekeeper to see at nighttime. Another method is using different colored ribbons hanging from the trees. If there is more than one beekeeper in an orchard, remember white & yellow ribbons look the same at night.
Placing bees next to sprinklers make it impossible for bees to pollinate and sometimes even damage the entire colony.
Throughout the years, we have found that by placing the bee colonies on the outside of the orchard gives maximum pollination time because the sun can keep the hives warmer for a longer amount of time. If you feel the need to place bee colonies inside the orchard, then try to place in an open area.
After 33 years of experience of placing honey bees into almond orchards we would like to share with you just one thing; NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING! Make sure you have everything in writing. Be sure to stay in communication with each other. Many almond growers assume that their old beekeeper will be returning Feb 1st. to pollinate, only to find out on Feb. 5th, his beekeeper has retired. Beekeepers also assume that they will be going back to their same almond grower after 5 years of service, only to find out that the orchard has been sold. The list of unpredictable things could happen to you could go on and on, but we hope you understand when we say; never assume anything. POLLINATION CONTRACTING, INC. offers reliable, honest service in central California and we look forward to hearing from you.